Telepsychiatry Services Offered

ITP’s telepsychiatry services are available in a number of different settings. Browse below to learn more.

Telepsychiatry for Emergency Departments

patient in emergency department

Since its founding in 2013, ITP has provided more than 50,000 hours of ED telepsychiatry with our psychiatrists and psychiatry ARNPs. ITP telepsychiatry is fast and simple to implement for your emergency department: We provide the system software that can work within any ED and offer telepsychiatry training with hospital staff. Patients then have ability to see psychiatrist within 120 minutes or less and all treatment consultations are provided by a board certified psychiatrist. Learn more.

Telepsychiatry for County Jails


ITP provides telepsychiatry services to county jails and correctional facilities through video conferencing to increase timely access to mental health care for inmates. Benefits of our service include wide availability of scheduling times, a reduction in inmates’ restraint and observation time, lower risk of mental health related assaults, a reduction in department transportation costs, and improved safety by keeping inmates inside the facility. Learn more.

Telepsychiatry for Outpatient and Mental Health Clinics

outpatient care facility

ITP’s telepsychiatry services can provide a number of great benefits to your outpatient or mental health clinic. We ease the psychiatric business burden by finding, hiring, and contracting the providers — at whatever number of hours per week is needed. We’re also able to achieve predictable prescriber productivity and handle prescriber turnover. Our existing partners love working with us. You will too. Learn more.

Telepsychiatry for Long Term Care Facilities

long term care patient telepsychiatry

ITP works with both residential care facilities and skilled nursing facilities. We give the support needed to your facility and medical staff by offering psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and consultations. We reduce hospitalizations due to complications from behavioral symptoms by providing timely access to psychiatric care. This also reduces transportation costs for your facility. You’ll gain a market advantage by offering psychiatric care enabling you to accept more difficult care cases. Learn more.