Emergency Departments

  • emergencyAccess to emergency psychiatric care
  • Get patients in and out of Emergency Department faster
  • Promptly deliver physician consults, patient evaluations, psych medication management, and crisis de-escalation
  • Decrease boarding time, staff observation time, restraint time, seclusion time, forced medications, hospital admissions and readmissions
  • Reduce risk and liability to the hospital, physicians, and staff when treating suicidal, homicidal, agitated, or aggressive patients
  • Improve patient outcomes and quality of care by having a trained psychiatrist giving treatment recommendations


Medical Floor Consults

  • medicalfloorDependable and timely access to psychiatric services
  • Give the support needed to your medical staff by offering psychiatric evaluations and consultations
  • Improve quality of patient care by having a trained psychiatrist available to the hospital’s treatment team decreasing the potential for lengthy stays or readmission
  • Speed up discharge time by having a dependable psychiatrist available


Inpatient Behavioral Health

  • inpatientbehavioralScheduled access to psychiatrists with extensive inpatient experience
  • Ability to utilize telepsychiatry for processing newly admitted patients requiring a psychiatrist assessment
  • Increase hospital efficiency by augmenting telepsychiatry in patient treatment plans
  • Ability to utilize telepsychiatry for rounding, after-hours call, and holiday call
  • Boost morale and job satisfaction of on sight psychiatrists improving physician retention rates