Telepsychiatry Careers F.A.Q.

How many hours will I have to work?

ITP requires a minimum of 8 hours of care per week. Each shift can range from 2 to 10 hour shifts.

Can I be on call using telepsychiatry instead of working a shift?

Yes, ITP has opportunities to be on call. This can be done in conjunction with working specific shifts or independently. Being on call isn’t a requirement for contracting with ITP.

Are ITP Positions 1099 or Full-Time?

It depends on the position. In some facilities, ITP providers are full time employees but in others they are independent contractors. Each job listing specifies which type of position it is.

How is my pay determined?

ITP pays a competitive hourly rate based on FMV standards.

What training is provided?

You will receive comprehensive training on how to effectively use ITP’s video conferencing software. You will also be trained on accessing patient records and entering your notes into the electronic health record.

Will I be communicating with other members of the patient’s treatment team?

You will be part of a patient’s therapeutic team just as if you were physically located in the clinic or hospital.

Can I use my own computer?

Yes, ITP provides the conferencing software to download to your computer. Requirements include Windows 10 or above or a Mac computer with processor speed of 2.2 GHz or faster with 4G of RAM. A 15-inch monitor or larger is recommended.

Does it matter where I am when conferencing with a patient to provide care?

To be HIPAA compliant, ITP expects our providers to conduct the highest level of professionalism when caring for patients. This means providing care from a quiet, well lit location where your conversation with patients cannot be overheard. All sessions should be free of distractions or interruptions. We require all providers to conduct telepsychiatry from a private location within your home or clinic.

What’s the next step?

Learn more about what makes ITP an ideal place to practice. Then, browse through our current telepsychiatry jobs listings and apply for a position online. Or, if you have questions about anything, you can send us a message.